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180cm Muscle Male Sex Doll - Nathan


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Take a Run With Hard Sexy Nathan

Nathan takes care of his muscular, sculpted body. He lifts weights, and he runs for miles each day. The constant exercise has given him perfect six-pack abs and thighs he can use to drive into his lover all night long. Nathan loves having hands run up and down his chest and runs without a shirt on to show off what he has. What Nathan wants to take you home and show you is his massive cock. He may be toned, but his strongest muscle is his long thick cock.

Nathan’s blonde head runs by, and all the girls watch him pass. They get hot and wet thinking of him being naked and thrusting between their thighs. Nathan knows they lust after him, and it drives him to work harder so he can please them when they come calling on him. Nathan isn’t one to turn down a hot piece of pussy, and he always makes sure he can give them the sex they crave from him. He enjoys filling them full of his cock and then moving on to the next girl. Nathan is always on the hunt for lovers when her runs, and will you be the next one he takes to bed?

Doll Specifications:

Height: 180cm
Neck circumference: 36cm
Shoulder width: 42cm
Bust: 86cm
Waist: 73cm
Hip: 102cm
Arm length: 69cm
Hand length: 18cm
Leg length: 92cm
Thigh circumference: 52cm
Calf circumference: 32cm
Foot length: 22cm
Penis length: 18cm
Net weight: 52kg
Weight 55 kg


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