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Male Sex Doll With Penis John 165cm


Hard Sexy John

John works his sexy ass off as an underwear model. Most days, he puts on the skimpy undies and parades in front of the camera while the shower heads go off around him. The water glistens off his hard muscular body, and the water on his skin makes him erect. Ther underwear strain to keep his cock held back, and he wants to free it. John loves to get his muscular body in the nude with a woman in the shower set, dressing room, or his bed. John wants to feel his cock driving deep inside your pussy. He’s also been known to swing the other way too, and he’s had male lovers also.

John doesn’t care about who he takes to bed. He wants a pussy to feed his hard cock and pleasure his woman. He keeps his body toned and hard, so he knows everyone who sees him in his ads or naked wants to sleep with him. John flexes his cock like a muscle and puts it to good use whenever he targets a lover. Maybe you can be John’s new lover and have him pound his hard cock within you tonight. Feel what John has to offer and let him take you to the brink of pleasure and back again.

Doll Specifications:

Height: 165cm
Neck circumference: 26cm
Shoulder width: 42cm
Bust: 85cm
Waist: 70cm
Hip: 90cm
Arm length: 64cm
Hand length: 18cm
Leg length: 78cm
Foot length: 23cm
Thigh circumference: 50cm
Calf circumference: 34cm
Oral Depth: 12cm
Anal Depth: 14cm
Weight: 44kg
Weight 45 kg


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