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Is having a sex doll a good idea if my wife loses her sexual interest after marriage?

I read a story on Reddit about a poster; I called him; Alan said he loved his wife a lot, and they had sex every day at the beginning of their marriage. But now, her wife suddenly lost her interest in sex and undergoing therapies. The husband, however, still got high libido and asked if he bought a sex doll, things would get better. The wife asked for a patient, and the husband couldn’t wait any longer.

Well, I am not a marriage counselor who can’t give any marriage-related suggestions or comments. However, I reckon they should both seek marriage counselor assistance and see what is bothering them in their deep heart. Sex is just a “lubricant” of marriage, but we’re all human and should be able to control our natural desire and not allow them to overturn our humanity.

A sex doll may do some tricks in a short term period and “remove” your loneliness but after all, but sex dolls are not actual humans. They have no emotions, though some can reply or react to your statements.

So do I suggest you buy a sex doll? No. Not at all. Fix your relationship with your wife, and buy a sex doll if you still want one.

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