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How Can a Sex Doll Change One's Life?

 "Sex doll is a sex doll, it is nothing more than an object!" If you think like that before, you better re-think it again. I recently read a story about how a woman was saved by her male sex doll in a dangerouos robbery where the woman was leaving alone.

The detail was one night after the woman purchased a male sex doll and enjoyed a romantic night with him and still sit next on her bed, a theif broke into the woman's house, and trying to search for something that are valuable. The woman was awake after the theif had broken in at that time and because she was living on her own, she tried to pretend that she was sleeping and didn't want to awaked the wolf. 

But as the theif was searching for more stuffs, he saw the male sex doll and thought he was awake and soon would do something to harm himl, so he didn't steal anything and then left the house completely.

The woman later called the policed when she 100% sure the theif had left. The police was able to track the theif down 2 days later, and finally got him. 

When the police recorded statment for the theif, he said he was afraid to see her boyfriend, so he decided to leave!

So is sex doll more than a toy? It is obviously not!

Original story posted from reddit. 

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