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Dreamtouch - sensor touch device to make VR porn more interesting

“The Sun” from the UK recently published a story that a company called “dreamtouch” has invented a device which connects a dreamcam can make metaverse sex as a real being.

Dreamcam twitter page image.

They report said “Dreamtouch{“ uses artificial neural network technology to mimic the sensation that a real human will receive in real world and said "Sex plays a huge role in any society, and we have no reason to believe that this will be any different in the metaverse”.

Well, I have no idea what this virtual thing looks like. In metaverse, nothing is real and seems like people are obsessed with this virtual society things and forget what real thing is and I think it is rather ridiculous.Just like sex dolls, people are not getting real girls. They’re just like f**king the real girls. This is rather sad, if you ask me.

Target the Otakus market

Otaku is a Japanese word that describes a person that so obsessed with anime and games pop-culture and total can’t relate to the reality. They often have low interpersonal or social communication skills. So this VR porn things are really for them.

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