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Here are some advantages of silicone love dolls
● Silicone dolls have the most detailed skin details and touching feels and realistic vagina and anus of all doll types meeting both your aesthetic and using requirements.
● They retain warmth and are less sensitive to heat, highly durable to water, and more resistant to stains from clothes.
● Silicone is a hypoallergenic material and they are made of silicone is easier to clean and can be sterilized.
● The skin can have implanted hair, skin spots, veins, and vessels. Additional options may include moaning and heating sex doll functionalities which further add to the realism of these artfully crafted artworks. 
● It is also mechanically stronger and will sustain powerful thrusts.

● full-silicone sex doll: silicone head with silicone body, which just looks and feels like the real woman. You can even see the texture of their skin, reddish details on the knuckles, palm lines, and the folds of their labia, not to mention the ultimate sexual experience their tight pussies and anus can provide.